Dr. Uri Paz


Dr. Uri Paz is a journalist with over forty years of experience in both public and commercial media outlets. He served in senior management positions in print, radio, television and on-line media. Currently, he was CEO and editor-in-chief of Israel’s Parliamentary TV Channel. He has lectured at several universities, and authored a PhD dissertation on the ethics of errors and corrections.   

Professional Education
2018: PhD, Bar-Ilan University, School of Communication, Dept. of Political Studies.
Thesis: “Journalism Ethics: Error, Correction and Prevention”, (Under the supervision of Prof. Eytan Gilboa).

1987: M.A, (with honors), The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dept. of Communication.
Thesis: “Supervision of the Media: The Interaction between the Press Council and the Public”.

1992: B.A., Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of History.

 Media Experience
2018 – present, Research-Fellow at the Center for International Communication, Bar-Ilan University.
1996 – 2019, Managing at the Channel 2 News Company (Today: News Company, Channel 12). VP of Content; Coordinator of the Newsroom and Correspondents.
2004 – 2018, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, the Knesset TV Channel (An Affiliate of Ch. 2 News Company).
1994 – 1996, Radio and Programing Manager, Radius 100FM.
1988 – 1994, Deputy Commander and Director of the News and Current Affairs Department, IDF Radio; Chief News Editor and Correspondent.
1984 – 1988, Head of the Desk News, “Chadashot” Newspaper.

Teaching Experience 
1994 – 2000, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Department of Communication
1994 – 2015, The School of Communication, College of Management Academic Studies
1996 – 2017, Bar-Ilan University, School of Communication.
2007 – 2019, Permanent Lecturer in the Professional School of “Reshet” TV (channel 13).

IDF Award for an outstanding reporting in Lebanon War, 1984.
IDF Award for Chief Editing of evening Magazine “Good Evening Israel”, 1987.
IDF Award for the Managing the Unit Radio at the First Golf War, 1991.
IDF Award for the Managing the News Operation during “Madrid Conference”, 1992

Selected Lectures:
Errors and Corrections: A Framework for Analysis
Errors and Corrections: Failed Journalism, Ethics and Practices in the Israeli Media

Research Interests:
Media Industry – The Industrial aspects of media, including Television, The Internet and Social Media, Radio and Print Press
 Attitudes and Characteristics of Journalism
Journalism Ethics
Practices of Journalism
The Structural and Cultural Influences on News
The Future of News Content
The Role of Journalism in Society